More performances and more sites!

Can’t believe our trip is coming to an end in only two days; what a trip it has been. We stayed two days in Limerick and while there, we had a joint concert with Ancor. It was an honor and a privilege to perform with them. We sang part of our set, they sang some […]

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First performances and Blarney Castle!

The choir had its first performance at St. Multose Church in Kinsale last evening. The place had wonderful acoustics and the church itself was simply beautiful, having been built all the way back in 1190. The audience really seemed to enjoy our set – it was a great start to our performance tour. Today, we […]

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Arriving in Ireland/Cork

WE ARE IN IRELAND! This is so amazing. I think I can speak for the entire choir when I say we are exhausted. We left Augsburg early Monday morning and landed in Atlanta around 2pm. After a long layover, we were on an overnight flight to Dublin. This was my first time on a plane […]

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