More performances and more sites!

Can’t believe our trip is coming to an end in only two days; what a trip it has been. We stayed two days in Limerick and while there, we had a joint concert with Ancor. It was an honor and a privilege to perform with them. We sang part of our set, they sang some of their pieces and then we joined together at the end for two songs. They were a delightful group. We also had an unexpected performance that turned out to be a high point of the tour. We went to an elementary school that had an Augsburg alum as the principal. He requested that we come and sing for them. We went there are performed a few pieces, they sang a couple songs for us and then taught us a new tune. It was truly inspiring seeing these children create such wonderful music and I think everyone in the choir loved that performance the best.

While staying in Limerick, we went out visit the Cliffs of Moher. This was quite the experience. We got to walk along the path on the cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean was the only thing to be seen – it was breath taking. Despite the wind and the rain, it was a very worth while trip. On our way to Dublin, we stopped to visit the town of Galway. It had dozens of quaint little shops and pubs. We got to spend the afternoon wandering around the area and stopping in the shops. We arrived in Dublin last night and had another joint concert tonight with another local choral group. Again, it was a joy to collaborate with an Irish choir and share our musical talents and experiences. The audience loved it. We have one more performance in the afternoon tomorrow and we have the evening free to enjoy the city of Dublin.

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