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Text in Images

In the last week, I have encountered two situations where an Augsburg web page had been put together using nothing but images. The pages had text content, but the text was part of images. I’ve seen instances of this before, but not as severe as what I saw in these two pages. So I decided it was time to address this. Continue reading

Managing Documents (Web Folders)

Update: March 2020. While the information below is still accurate, your department may prefer to use Google Drive. It’s best to share from a Google Drive account owned by your department (rather than through an individual’s Google account), and Google Shared Drive is ideal for this. Talk to your LFC about Google Shared Drive, and how to to get one set up.

Here’s a video explaining how to do this. Watching in full-screen mode is recommended; might be difficult to see what’s going on otherwise. Text explanation is below the video.

The website, as well as WordPress sites, do not allow you to upload any files except images. If you want to link to documents on your website, here’s how you should do it. Continue reading