Website accessibility is important not just because it makes it easier for everyone to use our site: these same principles align us with universal web standards. As a content manager, you should be aware of basic accessibility guidelines.

Accessibility Training

  • Join the Website Content Manager Moodle Website (must be logged in to
  • Click on “Enroll Me” to join the course.
    Click the Enroll Me button
  • Click the “Accessibility Training” section to view its contents.
    Accessibility section
  • Watch the video (you will need to be logged into YouTube using your Augsburg account)
  • Take the Accessibility Training Quiz.
  • Notify me when you pass the quiz, and then I will set up your website access.
Please contact me to request an alternate accommodation for the accessibility training.

Standards for Content Managers

Other Resources

Preferred captioning service: Automatic Sync Technologies. Augsburg has an agreement with Automatic Sync through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) for captioning services. For more information, contact:

Margaret Alexandra
Automatic Sync Technologies
(877) 278-7962 x715

Captioning and Audio Description Companies – This is a list of vendors that do video captioning and audio description tracks, compiled by the CLASS office. (You must be logged into your Augsburg account to view this document.)

How Screen Readers Work (WebAIM) – Learn how your web page content will be presented by the most common screen reader software.

Blog Posts about Accessibility on this site

WordPress and Accessibility – Practical explanations on the basics: headers, image alternative text, and descriptive links.

W3C Web Accessibility Initiative – We follow the web accessibility guidelines for WCAG 2.0 AA.

Section 508 – Accessibility requirements for Federal agencies.

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