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Web Wednesday Hangouts

This semester, I’m trying something new: a Google Hangout every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. You can join from anywhere–your office, home, abroad. We can speak face to face, and even share screens so that I can see what you can see (and vice versa).

You’ll need to be logged into your Augsburg email account to access the hangout, and you will need to be on a computer with a microphone (at least) and a camera (preferred). There are also Hangout apps, so you may be able to join from a mobile device.

Join the Hangout or see the full schedule on my Meetings page.

Spring (Summer?) cleaning and your website

Websites are not unlike homes. When left unattended, when not maintained, they develop clutter and slide into decay. Unlike our homes, a website is open to the public, anytime, anywhere. We do a lot of cleaning and organizing if we have people visiting our home in order to give our visitors the best impression and experience. Now imagine that every day dozens or hundreds or thousands of people you are trying to impress walk through your house. That is exactly what is happening on your website. Continue reading