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The NeoLiberal Arts

Check out William Deresiewicz’s essay in Harpers, “The Neo-Liberal Arts: How College Sold Its Soul to the Market.”  

Lastest Edition of Academe

Please check out the latest edition of the AAUP’s publication, Academe.  The latest issue has a number of very good articles on students as consumers, the business model in academe, the costs of downsizing, and the trend toward selling off college/university land for private corporate use.

The AAUP Centennial Declaration

Nearly 100 years ago, the American Association of University Professors issued the 1915 Declaration of Principles on Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure. AAUP principles helped build the largest and most successful system of higher education in the world. The AAUP is now asking member chapters to sign on support a new declaration of principles for the 21st […]

Henry Giroux on Academic Madness

From time to time we’ll post articles about higher education. Here’s one by Henry Giroux titled Academic Madness and the Politics of Exile on ideological fundamentalism in North America.  

Augsburg AAUP supports the future of higher education principles

At our meeting on November 17th, Augsburg’s Chapter of the AAUP voted to endorse the  Campaign for the Future of Higher Education‘s  list of Higher Education Principles.  Supporters across the nation are signing up to support these principles. The Campaign asks: “Would you like to have a representative on the Steering Committee of CFHE?  There are […]

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