AAUP Membership Information

Are you interested in joining AAUP?

There is a discount available from the Minnesota Chapter of the AAUP for new members.

To join and to take advantage of the Minnesota State Executive Board decision about membership incentives,  simply go to the AAUP website (aaup.org/membership),  select the membership category that is correct for you, and pay for your membership in full on line.  There is only one membership and this is it — National dues.  We do not have state or chapter dues.

Be sure to download your receipt and save your receipt.

Then write an email to the Minnesota State Executive Board Treasurer David Lesniaski (dlski@visi.com) and attach your receipt. David will send you the 50% refund. This refund is provided by the State AAUP,  not the national, and we decided at the last state board meeting to extend the offer for the first three years of membership by a faculty member.

If you have graduate students who want to join AAUP, the state board will reimburse them 100% and will continue the offer over 5 years of graduate school. Feel free to let your graduate students know about this offer.

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