Augsburg AAUP supports the future of higher education principles

At our meeting on November 17th, Augsburg’s Chapter of the AAUP voted to endorse the  Campaign for the Future of Higher Education‘s  list of Higher Education Principles.  Supporters across the nation are signing up to support these principles.

The Campaign asks:

“Would you like to have a representative on the Steering Committee of CFHE?  There are no dues and we do most of our work by monthly conference call.”

If so, you can contact Susan Meisenhelder at <>

“We’d also like to invite you to join our “working group” list serv.  This is a list serv where we share information.  It’s used by very busy people, so we are careful not to spam one another!  If you or any of your colleagues would like to join, its’ very easy to do so: just send a message to (Note that there is an underscore after Cfhe.) You will receive a confirmation email within a few seconds (make sure to check your Junk folder, if it does not appear in you Inbox).  Click “Reply” and “Send.”  You will then be subscribed.”

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