Longer daylight to penguin walk

Hard to believe that we are approaching halftime of our stay here.  One obvious change: the days are getting longer.  There is light in the morning when we wake up and later in the evening.  One interesting thing: it starts to get light for about an hour or so before sunrise – almost like a gradual transition to day.  The change is noticeable – and energizing.

Temperatures are warming up too – after several weeks of colder temperatures we reached above freezing for a stretch of days.  Sweet!  The one downside to this weather:  refreeze.

Navigating this for me can be trauma inducing.  In college I slipped on ice walking back to my dorm and had to have knee surgery a week later, so yeah, it makes me nervous.  The Finnish Meterologic Institutue issues pedestrian warnings (so another thing to check for a weather junkie like me …).

I purchased grips for my shoes to help navigate, but until the temperatures warm up more, please excuse me while I penguin walk.

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