Exploring Finnish Pastries: laskiaispulla

This is the third (of a continuing) installment on exploring Finnish pastries.  Today’s pastry is laskiaispulla – is only available on shrovetide (the days before the start of Lent).

The laskiaispulla (almond, raspberry, and chocolate raspberry).
The laskiaispulla (almond, raspberry, and chocolate raspberry).

The verdict: delicious.  Basically it is a (not too sweet) roll with the top cut off, and then stuffed on the inside with whipped cream and either raspberry filling or almond.  (There were other flavors, but these seem to be the most common).  The raspberry one was like eating a raspberry cake, and the almond smooth and nutty.

In addition to eating greasy food leading up to Lent, shrovetide here has the tradition of sliding on the Sunday before Lent begins.  Yep, we headed out to Puijo Tower to go sliding, where LOTS of kids were sliding. Some pics of that are here.

As the proverb in the article says, if the “If the sun is shining on Shrovetide, it will be a good year. If it snows on Shrovetide, it will snow every day until Easter.”

It was definitely sunny on Sunday.  Looking forward to it being a good year.

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