We took our kids ski jumping (yes … you read that correctly).

I imagine your reaction is similar to my mother, and mother-in-law – and perhaps this the image running through your head:

The ski jump was at the Puijo ski jump base.  This is a serious ski jump hill.

We had received an email from the kids’ school that the local ski jumping club was having (introductory) training lessons for kids – so why not?

We did feel a little like the odd ducks here – we were the only English speakers at the lesson, but the teacher Nico did speak English well.  He was patient and fun.

Perfecting the ski jump form
The first lesson of ski jumping is to have fun.

Basically the lesson was having the kids go down a small ramp many times, learning the basics.

They all loved it and want to return next week.  C, the adrenaline junkie, had huge smiles on his face, G was super focused on his form and trying not to stick out, and P was worried that she would have to ride the ski lift.

One hill at a time.

  Maybe by the end they will attempt the big hill?

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