The Gospel Quartet Tradition

Organized in 1885 for the purpose of touring during summer vacations, the first Augsburg College quartet soon became noted for its excellent singing.

In 1895 the quartet toured Norway, presenting 50 concerts in different parts of that country. Thus began a tradition of traveling quartets that lasted until 1961.

In 1993 under the direction of Merton Strommen, a chorus of former quartet members came together to sing for Homecoming and later to celebrate the centennial of the first Augsburg College gospel quartet by traveling to Norway in 1994 and again in 2001.


Reflecting the Gospel Quartet tradition at Augsburg University, the mission of the Augsburg Centennial Singers is to present concerts that personalize a Christian faith, to encourage listeners to establish and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to provide a fellowship for men who find joy in singing songs that have musical excellence, address the heart, and reflect a variety of musical traditions.

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