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Affirmation of inclusion, tolerance, social justice

On March 1, 2017, staff of several departments sent a letter affirming the support by their offices of the principles of inclusion, tolerance, and social justice. Read the letter from Joanne K. Reeck, Chief Diversity Officer; Sonja Hagander, College Pastor; and Michael Grewe, Director of LGBTQIA Services.

Text of Letter to Augsburg Community

Dear Augsburg Community,

In Augsburg College President Paul Pribbenow’s January statement in response to the Presidential Executive Orders on immigration, he wrote to affirm Augsburg’s “commitment to provide a safe learning and working environment with equitable access to education for all members of our campus community.” Today, we ask the Augsburg community to remember this and take heart in the knowledge that we have not and will not abandon this commitment.

Recently there have been several disturbing events that have taken place across our nation and locally in our own backyard, and as a College, we wish to address them.

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