The Pros and Cons of Things: Wii U

The next generation of gaming consoles is just right around the corner but which one is the crème de la crème? Frankly this is just all a matter of preference but hey, for the sake of debate let’s roll with it. While not technically as powerful as consoles like the PS4 the Xbone, The Nintendo Wii U is the latest home console from Nintendo.


  • With the Wii U’s controller you are able to play games even when someone is watching TV… As well as increases game interactivity.
  • The console itself costs $300.00, compared to the other console it is the least expensive.
  • Who doesn’t like Super Smash Bros?


  • Though it is considered next-gen, it uses current gen technology, making the Wii U inferior to the other two consoles graphic wise.
  • Because it got a two-year head start on the other consoles and the lack of big games the Wii U has lost some momentum.

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