Una semana pesada de divertido

Compared to last week, this week was incredibly busy. Monday started off really slow, with no students coming for my English class. Tuesday Osiris and I went to Los Almendros so I got to ride the city bus for the second time. The music this time was a lot quieter and calmer so the experience was pretty different from my first ride. Upon arrival there was a meeting that all of the teachers were in so recess was extended a few minutes as the meeting went on. With only two against about 30 forth graders this week, the kids were a handful. We reviewed the alphabet with them and then continued with numbers 1-20. There were a few kids that did everything they could to get out of writing down the numbers and pronunciation in their notebooks even though we went around and gave everyone that had it written a sticker. At first I was frustrated because I felt like I could not communicate as well as I wanted to, but when I saw them not listening to Osiris whom is fluent in Spanish, I felt better 🙂 I think that a majority of them had the numbers down already pretty well. The next time we go we are going to give them a little quiz to see how much they remembered and then move on to greetings and introductions. After that hour and a half we were both exhausted, I don’t know how teachers do it for an entire day!

Wednesday I had two classes and people showed up for both of them, so it was a good day. I REALLY enjoy the English workshop I lead on Wednesdays because the students are great and engaged. When I told them when I am leaving they actually seemed sad so I must be doing something right! Upon leaving I will definitely miss these students, I’d even be willing to continue class over Skype! But I know that I will have to get over it and hope that they will continue their journey learning english with other volunteers.

Thursday I received some of the translations so I started working that. Its been really fun doing it so fat and I’m learning a lot of new words so its a win win situation. Thursday night I attempted to straighten my hair for the event we would be going to on Friday but with the humidity it did not go so well. Osiris was kind enough to go over what I had done so about 3 hours later it was finally time for bed.

Early Friday morning Laura, Osiris, Celesté, Emily and I went into San Salvador by city bus. This was a very long ride but so much cheaper than a taxi would have cost. Upon arrival Laura, Osiris and I spent the day with Medardo; going to Los Planes where there was a look out over San Salvador, to eat Baleadas, and going to one of the large malls in San Salvador. We then went to the gallery exhibit opening of an artist that resides here in Suchitoto but is originally from Argentina – Miguel Martino. After the exhibit we went with Medardo to Santa Tecla, which is a street with a lot of places to dance, eat, and sing karaoke (we did all three). Saturday morning we went back to Suchitoto and Osiris and I had our computer classes. With Galina’s help again this week the class was so much better than when I was doing it by myself. Sunday I finished the packet of translations I received and got to have a day of relaxation after a busy week!

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