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  1. Galina Bruckner

    Just as I sat down to write this blog I have realized that we have been in El Salvador for exactly three weeks now! In some ways it feels as if it has been longer, but it certainly has flown by. Each week has become more and more busy. In addition to my computer classes, English classes, and art class, last week I also began going to a local community which I will visit every Friday. The small school of San Antonio has two rooms and two teachers, one who teaches kindergarten and another who teaches a combined class of 1st and 2nd grade. The young ones are little role poly balls of endless energy, sitting for more than three minutes at a time is a great challenge for them. But their teacher is an absolute saint, it shows how much she loves each and every one of them. She is very patient and creative in how she handles their outbursts. In both classes we talked about primary and secondary colors in both Spanish and English. With the first and second graders we discussed how the combination of two primary colors creates a secondary color (red + yellow = orange). This all went well but for this week Laura and I are going to bring activities that are more stimulating, such as crafts. After our lessons the kids had an hour of physical education, where we taught them duck, duck, goose (patio, pato, ganso).

    This was my first time teaching kids… I was extremely nervous to begin. But at the end of the day I felt amazing! So fulfilled and wonderful. The night before my dad sent me an encouraging email that said “remember, little humans are just more perfect versions of older ones.” I have to agree!

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