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Fill out the form below to request that your event be added to the 100 Days event calendar.

After Your Submission is Added: Once your submission is added to the 100 Days of Engagement calendar, please

[1] Submit the details of your event to be posted on the Inside Augsburg calendar. (Log into Inside Augsburg and use the “Submit calendar item” in the left menu.

[2] As the date for your event nears, submit the information to A-mail:

By submitting to A-mail, you have a larger opportunity to spread awareness about your event. To tell your story further, please take as many actions as you wish from the “Promoting Your Event” suggestions at

[3] For 100 Days of Engagement events, a 5-business day window is needed if you wish to have a digital screen produced. For all opportunities outside of 100 Days of Engagement, digital screens require a 2-week notice.

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