100 Days of Engagement: Creating Open and Engaged Learning

In times of uncertainty, people often respond in one of two ways: retreat and become more isolated or connect and commit. During 100 Days of Engagement, beginning January 20, 2017, Augsburg College faculty and staff are committed to lean into open and engaged learning by creating opportunities for faculty, staff and students interact together in formal and informal manners, and across differences of philosophies, genders, faiths, and more.

Opportunities may be spontaneous or planned. Opportunities could include things such as performances, pop-up artistic expressions, or teach-ins in common spaces across campus. Whatever the idea or event, we should strive to create inclusive and thoughtful spaces to build community, to celebrate our work, and to underscore the mission of Augsburg College.

Let’s fill 100 Days with a lively culture of dynamic learning and empowering pedagogy.

To Add Your Submission: If you would like to submit an event for consideration for 100 Days of Engagement, please fill out the request form. Your submission will be added to the 100 Days of Engagement calendar as long as it is meant to foster some combination of open learning, action, and/or discussion.

Here is the schedule. 

View the spreadsheet in Google Docs