To be Liked or Successful?

That Neurotic on the Team? Give Him Time

1. Who comes to benefit from suggesting that neurotic people are more valuable in the workplace than extroverts?

2. What is the danger of not actually addressing how much work was actually done by participants? Or, rephrased, how does not assessing the actual work done potentially invalidate the study?

3. What is potentially fallible or beneficial about the sample pool used?

The Mind of a Con Man

The Mind of a Con Man from The New York Times magazine

Questions for discussion

1. “Stapel’s fraud may shine a spotlight on dishonesty in science, but scientific fraud is hardly new.” How does this information influence the way we value published research?

2. What potential role did Dr. Diederik’s social identity play in allowing him to commit research fraud?

3.  What are some procedures or regulations that could be put in place to protect against research fraud? If there are none, why is it so hard to regulate?