Are babies really born with morality?

Born good? Babies help unlock the origins of morality

1. Researchers state that with babies as young as three months old, more than 75% chose the “good” toy, or puppet with the yellow shirt , over the “bad” toy or puppet with the blue shirt, after watching the puppet with the blue shirt perform a positive and a negative action toward the puppet with the yellow shirt. It is with these findings that the researchers assert that babies are born with a baseline of morality already in place. Although 75% is a relatively high number, do the findings then infer that the other 25% of babies chose the “bad” puppet, or no puppet at all?

2. If the other 25% did choose the “bad” puppet, does that necessarily correlate to those babies having no morals?

3. Do more boy babies or more girls babies have a greater propensity to exhibit moral character?