Want to stay lean? Drink whole milk.

The full-fat paradox: Whole milk may keep us lean this article taken from the MPR website.

1. In a nation that is working hard to reduce the rise of obesity and heart diseases, do you think that this article might be harmful or helpful to a regular audience?

2. In this article, the author talks about a study done in Sweden on middle-aged men who were able to stay lean while drinking whole milk and eating butter, giving the readers the assumption that no other activities were necessary to stay lean. Is it an ethical issue if the author omits in her article that these men were farmers, possibly doing manual/hard labor work on their farm for X amount of hours per day while consuming whole milk and butter? Or is there an ethical issue since she did include in her article a link to the summary of the study but does not imply that in her article?

3. Who is the audience in this article? Is the author making the assumption that anyone might be able to drink whole milk and eat butter and stay be lean?