Augsburg and UNAM – by Sam McCoy

Our week at UNAM was amazing. I learned so much about the social work program. I also learned a lot about the history. United States social work schools are a lot different than UNAM. I can only speak to the Augsburg program because that is the school I attend. Augsburg and UNAM both provide good ways of training to be social worker, though there are differences in regards to the price, class sizes and practicums.

First the price comparison between each school. At UNAM students only have to pay 25 cents a semester, but other than that it is free and none of them will graduate with loans. For Augsburg, if you live off campus, which most students do, without the FASFA and any loans the cost is 46,000 dollars a year. Most students will graduate with loans and lots of debt.

Next, class sizes at UNAM are 25-30 per class and have a social work department size of 205,000 students. Compared to Augsburg, where we have an average 12-15 students per class and a total of 30-45 people in the program.

Social work students and UNAM students are in discussion

My friends and I are joining UNAM students in their class discussion

Finishing with the practicums. In my program at Augsburg you do your practicums individually, but UNAM students do them in groups. They also have an hour to an hour a half commute each time. They only spend two to three hours, three times a week. In the United States often the commutes aren’t as long. We also have to only spend eight to ten hours a week and we can pick our days.

UNAM and Augsburg are different in their own way. They are both great schools and any student would be lucky to study social work at them. There is a lot of value to seeing the difference in these two schools. The methods are both very different, but are still building the future social workers and changers of the world. The price, class size and also practicums are all different.

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