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Xcel Energy $5000 Scholarship; Due September 15th 2015

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XCEL ENERGY 2015 SCHOLARSHIP: $5,000 scholarship opportunity per academic year


As a major U.S. electric and natural gas company, Xcel Energy invests in its core businesses to provide safe, reliable energy at a reasonable price. Xcel Energy also demonstrates its commitment to the health of the communities it serves through community grants, charitable contributions and volunteer time. Xcel Energy has been a supporter of the Minnesota Private College Fund for 63 years.


  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Junior or Senior
  • Students of color
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.8
  • Approved majors: mathematics, sciences (excluding pre-professional track sciences), engineering, marketing/advertising, communications and public policy
  • Attend one of these Minnesota Private College campuses: Augsburg College; Bethel University; Concordia University, St. Paul; or University of St. Thomas
  • Minnesota resident – home residence must be in Xcel Energy service area (see attached list.

The Xcel Energy Scholarship is administered through the Minnesota Private College Fund and is available to students meeting the above criteria. Scholarship recipients will also have the opportunity to visit Xcel’s Energy’s Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis and apply for summer internships. For more information about the opportunity or questions about the application, contact Jewelly at 651-293-6823 or jlee@mnprivatecolleges.org.

Application: Xcel Energy Scholarship Application

Minnesota Private Colleges Webpage: http://www.mnprivatecolleges.org/


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The Sixt Rent a car $5,000 Scholarship; Due November 30th 2015

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Sixt rent a car is pleased to offer five high school seniors graduating in 2016 the opportunity to receive a $5,000 scholarship and become a Sixt Scholar. The program is designed to assist high school students who plan to continue their education in college. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time study at an accredited institution of the student’s choice.

Scholarship Information

  • Five $5,000 Scholarships
  • First 500 valid applicants will be considered
  • Available Nationwide


  • Have a Minimum 3.7 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
  • Graduating High School Senior in the USA, academic year 2015/2016
  • Plan to enroll in a full time 2 or 4 year university

Mandatory Application Materials

  • A completed Application Appraisal Form
  • Copy of your high school transcript
  • Deadline: November 30, 2015

Visit their webpage for more information: https://www.sixt.com/sixt-scholars/

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ResumeSamples.net Choose Your Future $1,000 Scholarship; Due November 15th 2015

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In order to help make a college education more of a feasible opportunity resumeSamples.net is offering a $1,000 scholarship to help a college student manage costs.

Benefits Of A Degree:
The pay gap between college graduates and others has recently reached new heights according to analysis by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington. Americans with four-year college degrees made 98 percent more an hour on average than people without a degree. College graduates are also more likely to be employed full-time, and are less likely to be unemployed, 4 percent versus 12 percent. College graduates also typically have lower stress and higher satisfaction at their job. Feel free to look over career options with these variables included here: What Job Should I Choose?

Scholarship Qualifications:

  • Be attending college or planning to attend college in the winter of 2016
  • Write an essay of at least 250 words on how this scholarship would benefit your plans for the future.
  • Include your full name, address, email, and name of college.
  • Relatives of ResumeSamples.net staff may not enter

The scholarship will be offered to one student. The application deadline is November 15th, 2015 and the scholarship will be awarded by November 22nd, 2015, based on our selection of the most inspired essay. The scholarship award will be in the amount of $1,000 and will be sent to the college or university designated by the winner.
Please email this information, along with your essay to scholarship@resumesamples.net.

 See more at: http://www.resumesamples.net/blogs/resumesamples-net-choose-your-future-scholarship/#sthash.xqxyjWim.dpuf

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GreenPal Business $250 Scholarship; Due April 30th 2016

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GreenPal Business Scholarship

GreenPal believes small businesses are the backbone of our country’s economy.

Our CEO started his first company, a small lawn mowing business, in high school and grew the company while attending college, ultimately scaling the organization to over 100 employees. Having recently guided that company through acquisition by a respected national organization he wants to assist aspiring entrepreneurs attending college while starting or running a small business.

The purpose of The GreenPal Small Business Scholarship is to assist a motivated, driven student and future business leader. We believe that the generation of today’s students are the future employers of tomorrow. The future of our county will be forged by the entrepreneurial spirit of today’s generation.

If you currently run a small business while attending college or have a small business idea to start while you plan to attend college, see below for the instructions and criteria for applying for the GreenPal scholarship.

  1. We will open up the 2016 application entry period August 1st, 2015
  2. Refer to criteria below for eligibility requirements
  3. Refer to application process below for a list of the supporting documents needed (i.e., evidence of GPA.) Incomplete applications will not be considered
  4. Submissions are to be submitted through the online application process below
  5. Scholarship winner will be announced June 1st, 2016

This is an evergreen scholarship and will be renewed and funded each year by GreenPal Co.

NOTE: Scholarship funds will be awarded to the student’s institution, upon evidence of registration in classes. This includes student identification number and correct address of school’s Bursar’s Office.

Who is eligible to receive the awards? In the spirt of our founder, who founded his own lawn care company GreenPal’s scholarship is open to any graduating high school senior, college freshman or sophomore who owns and operates his/her own small business, or has put together a business plan to start a business while in college. Additionally, the student must enter their freshman year at an accredited two- or four-year university, college or vocational/technical institute during the Fall of 2015.

GreenPal will publish all essays to the GreenPal blog. Social Media shares will serve as a method of voting and will be used as a component for picking the annual scholarship recipient.

Award Components:
Scholarship is $1,000 paid equally over (4) semesters, This scholarship will be renewed each year with a new winner. Each winner will receive (4) awards of $250 for each semester completed.


  1. Applicant must be graduating High School’s Senior Class in 2015 or currently enrolled in a college of business with a 3.0 or higher GPA
  2. Applicant must demonstrate high ambition and desire to be an entrepreneur or business owner
  3. Applicant must have a declared major or minor in the college of Business, Economics, or Finance.
  4. Funds must be used for full-time enrollment at accredited two or four-year colleges, Universities, vocational or technical schools in the United States

Visit their website for more information: https://www.yourgreenpal.com/scholarship

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Blue Fire Broadband $500 Scholarship; Due June 1st 2016

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Blue Fire Broadband 2016 Rural Scholarship Essay Contest: $500 from Blue Fire Broadband

Blue Fire Broadband is proud to announce that we are offering a scholarship of $500 to the winner of our Annual Rural Scholarship Essay Contest. The purpose of this scholarship is to help promote higher education and improve internet literacy and connectivity in small towns and rural cities across America.

Who Can Apply for the Blue Fire Broadband Rural Scholarship?

Our scholarship is available to college-bound HS seniors and students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program at university, college, or community college located in the United States. You can apply for the Blue Fire Broadband Scholarship for Rural Students if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.
  • You are (1) a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university or (2) a high school senior planning to attend college in Fall 2016.
  • You have a current grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher
  • You are NOT an employee of or related to an employee of Blue Fire Broadband

Rural Essay Contest College Scholarship Requirements & How to Apply

Many people do not realize that rural areas are more at risk economically than larger cities and more populated areas of the United States. At Blue Fire Broadband, we want to promote education and the productive use of Internet technology to facilitate growth and positive change in these rural areas of our country.

We offer this scholarship with the sincere hope that the winner might relocate to a rural area of the United States after graduation and do their part in developing rural and underserved towns and cities in America.

To apply for the Blue Fire Broadband Rural Students Scholarship Program, write an in-depth blog post on the following topic:

Because Blue Fire Broadband is extremely passionate about rural areas and their ability to access the same content as areas that with more readily available internet speeds and access. So we ask:

Has the internet made where your community become more connected to the rest of the world? Please support your answer with real life experiences, if possible.

Publish an original personal essay of no fewer than 500 and no more than 1,000 words in length on any blog or website by the application deadline date (see below). Special consideration will be given to candidates who include photos and images in their posts!

In the body of your essay, include a link back to the official Blue Fire Broadband website (www.bluefirebroadband.com). Look here for more information on how to create a hyperlink. If you haven’t established a blog already, you can start a free blog quickly and easily here.

Additional Information

The Blue Fire Broadband Rural Students Scholarship winner will be awarded a one-time $500 scholarship to be made payable (via US mail) to the accredited university as designated by the applicant after the application deadline (June 1, 2016). The scholarship award must be applied to school expenses (including but not limited to tuition, books, fees and on-campus housing fees) during the 2016-2017 school year. Email scholarship@bluefirebroadband.com with additional questions, comments and inquiries about the Rural Students Scholarship Contest. The term “rural” is actually hard to define. Learn more about the definition here.

Please visit their website for more information: http://www.bluefirebroadband.com/scholarship

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TrichStop’s Trichotillomania Awareness $500 Scholarship; Due December 21st 2015 & June 21st 2016

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TrichStop’s Trichotillomania Awareness Scholarship


At TrichStop we believe that spreading awareness about BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors) is key for making treatment available to people affected by these disorders. As part of our advocacy efforts, we’re offering a bi annual scholarship for students who are affected by Trichotillomania.

Trichotillomania affects its sufferers in multiple ways, both physically and emotionally. The emotional burden of this disorder can be even more significant for students, due to added stress that originates in study efforts, and due to social factors. Indeed hair pulling prevalence among college students can be as high as 3.4% in women.

Application guidelines

TrichStop awards a scholarship to help students who have Trichotillomania with their study expenses. Its a bi annual scholarship – two scholarships are awarded each year, each student gets $500. Here are the guidelines:

  • Applicants must submit an essay of about 400 words. In this essay, please explain the impact your disorder has on your study efforts. How does Trichotillomania affect your life as a student, from both academic and social points of view?
  • Please include the following details in your application: full name, address, tel. number, email, and the College or University you’re attending or planning to attend.
  • Please submit your application via email, to: admin@trichstop.com, and state “scholarship application” in the subject.
  • There are two application deadlines: December 21st and June 21st, every year.
  • TrichStop staff will select a winning application and award the funds one month after each deadline (by January 21st and July 21st respectively).
  • We will publish the winning essay on our blog, and via our social media channels. We understand and care for your privacy. Winning applicants may remain anonymous, if they wish.

Application requirements

Applicants must fit the following requirements:

  • Must be a current University or College student in the U.S., or planning to enroll. The scholarship funds may be used exclusively to cover tuition expenses (either for tuition or for other expenses such as registration fees).
  • Must be diagnosed with Trichotillomania.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • If you have any questions about the scholarship or about the application process, please contact us.

Please visit their website for more information: http://www.trichstop.com/scholarship

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Novus Biologicals $1,500 Scholarship; Due December 11th 2015

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Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program

Research is a critical component for the development and advancement in the life science community. We want to further scientific achievement by helping students who are interested in developing a career in science.
The Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program is awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field twice a year. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded to one student for the fall and spring semesters.

How to apply: 

  • Fill out the scholarship application form.
  • Submit a transcript of all college/post-secondary coursework (if high school student submit high school transcript).
  • Submit a written statement addressing the following topics:
  • Make a top ten list of your favorite emerging technologies.
  • Write a personal statement of 500 words or less on how you plan to use your degree to further advance science in your field of interest

Visit their website for more information: http://www.novusbio.com/scholarship-program.html

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R&D $1,500 Scholarship Opportunity; Due December 11th 2015

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R&D Systems Scholarship Application Spring 2016

R&D Systems is proud to support education in science with a scholarship program established to students who are pursuing a degree in a science related field.

The R&D Systems Scholarship Program will be awarded to students pursuing a degree in a science related field. A $1500 (or international currency equivalent) scholarship will be awarded twice a year for one student in the fall semester and one student in the spring semester.

How to Apply:

  • Download and complete the scholarship application form Download
  • Submit a transcript of all college/post-secondary coursework (if high school student submit high school transcript).
  • Submit a written statement addressing the following topics:
  • Make a top ten list of why you love science
  • Write a personal statement of 500 words or less on how you plan to use your degree to further advance science in your field of interest.

Please visit their website for more information: https://www.rndsystems.com/scholarship-application

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Reservation Counter $1,500 Fall 2015 Scholarship; Due October 15th

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Reservation Counter is offering a scholarship program for US students enrolled in colleges, universities and private institutions. This need-based scholarship program is designed to support and motivate students to value and make the most of their education. Students enrolled in a two year, four year, or a graduate program are encouraged to apply. The Reservation Counter Scholarship is awarded each fall and spring semester.

Submission Deadline: October 15, 2015

Amount: $1,500.00

Link: http://www.reservationcounter.com/scholarships/

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National Founder’s Undergraduate Business Student $500 Scholarship; Due December 11th

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Brown, PC is now accepting applications for the firm’s Founder’s Scholarship, a $500 stipend which will be awarded to a U.S. undergraduate business student with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship. The award will be paid directly to the student, and can be used for any expenses related to education, including but not limited to tuition, room, board, books, or commuting expenses.

Candidates should submit a cover letter summarizing their interest and experience in entrepreneurship to Kristen.Brown@brownpc.com. Cover letters should also include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Street, City, State & Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • University Name & City, State
  • Student ID
  • GPA (minimum 3.0)
  • Expected Graduation Date

Candidates are encouraged to submit, along with their letter, any documents demonstrating their interest in entrepreneurship.

The deadline for submissions is December 11th, 2015 and the award will be announced on December 18th, 2015.

Please feel free to direct questions to Kristen.Brown@brownpc.com.

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