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Griswold Home Care Bi-Annual Scholarship

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Griswold Home Care is a mission-driven home care services company headquartered just outside of Philadelphia that celebrates, educates, and advocates the choice to remain independent at home. Griswold Home Care was founded by Jean Griswold, wife of a Presbyterian Minister, in 1982 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and seeing the need for quality care in her community. Jean’s mission of affordable care for all continues to spread today. In honor of Jean’s vision, Griswold Home Care offers a $1,000 bi-annual scholarship to a qualified student pursuing a bachelor’s, associate’s, graduate, or professional degree at an accredited college or university. Please complete the below form to submit your application for consideration. Deadline: December 1st, 2016.

Complete the application here.

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S.C.W. DREAMers Scholarship

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DREAMer Requirements

•Immigrant under the age of 25

•Entered the United States before age 16

•Have lived continuously in the country for at least five years

•Have not been convicted of a felony, a “significant” misdemeanor, or three other misdemeanors

General Scholarship Requirements

 Applicant must be a DREAMer as specified above•Completed application must be submitted online by May 31, 2017. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


•Applicant must plan to attend college by fall semester 2017.

•Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.

•A transcript must be attached to application for consideration.

•Applicant must submit an un-opened copy of official transcripts if selected as a finalist.

•This scholarship is a one-time award worth $2,500 to be awarded the fall semester of 2017.

•Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or resumes to substantiate their application.

•Applicant will be required to demonstrate both their merit and their need for this scholarship.

Video Submission Requirements

•The video must answer one of the following prompts:

•What sets me apart.

•What inspires me.

•Why I’m pursuing my degree in _______.

•The submission must be unique and original to you, from your point of view. The video is not meant to have other people talk about your qualifications.  However, other people may be in your video.

•The style of the video is up to you; whatever you feel best convinces us of your answer (artistic, narrated, documentary etc).

•Must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.  You will share the link with us when you fill out the application.

•Must include the hashtag #SCWDreamer in the actual video and in the description.

•Video must be more than 1 minute and less than 3 minutes in duration.

•The submission must not portray the United States in a derogatory manner.

Finally, submit your application here.

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Dolan Law Firm Justice Empowerment Scholarship

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Achieving justice and holding wrongdoers accountable are what motivates the attorneys at the Dolan Law Firm, one of the leading plaintiffs’ law firms in California.  We wish to identify and honor the next generation of crusaders for justice.  The purpose of the Justice Empowerment Scholarship is to encourage students to advance the cause of social justice.

Award:  One $2,500 scholarship paid to the winning student.

Award Criteria:  Submissions will be evaluated primarily on the persuasiveness of arguments contained in the video.  However, creativity, images, and innovation incorporated into the video are all positives.  The scholarship winner will be determined solely by the Dolan Law Firm.  The decision will be final.

Eligibility:  Students attending an accredited U.S. college (including community college) or university are eligible for the scholarship.  No employees of the Dolan Law Firm, or their spouses and family members, nor any employees, spouses and family members of any vendors of the Dolan Law Firm, are eligible.

Submission Requirements: 

  • Applicants must create a 4 to 6 minute video.
  • In the video, introduce yourself and address the following questions:

What does justice mean to you?

What you think needs to be changed in our society to make it more just?

How you can help bring about this change?

  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube with the title: “2017 Justice Empowerment Scholarship Submission By _______”  Insert your name in the blank space.
  • In the description of the video on YouTube, briefly summarize your video and include in the description the following statement:  The Justice Empowerment Scholarship is provided by the Dolan Law Firm which can be found online at https://dolanlawfirm.com
  • Once you have uploaded the video, email the active YouTube link to scholarship@dolanlawfirm.com and include in your message the following information:

Your full name, mailing address, and phone number

Attach as evidence that you are attending an accredited U.S. college or university (such as a photo or scanned copy of a current student identification card).

If applicable, identify whom assisted you assisted in the production of the video.

  • Any videos filmed, edited or produced by a professional video photographer or video production company are prohibited. You may have the assistance of family and friends as long as they are not professional video photographers, editors or producers.
  • Videos that do not follow the submission requirements will not be considered for the award.

Publication of the Award:  The award winner agrees that the Dolan Law Firm may use their name, city, and state, and post his/her photo with a link to the video on YouTube, the Dolan Law Firm website, Dolan Law Firm social media pages (e.g. our Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages), and for other public relations and marketing purposes as determined by the Dolan Law Firm.

Deadline:  January 6, 2017.  The winner will be announced by February 10, 2017.

For more information, please click here. 

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The Smart Monkey Fitness Scholarship Contest

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We at Smart Monkey Fitness believe that fitness extends far beyond what you can find in a gym or out on a run.  Fitness is a mental game as much as a physical one; after all, we’re Smart Monkeys for a reason!

College education has never been more available than it is today, but unfortunately, it’s also far more expensive than ever before. That’s where this contest comes in! Staying true to our name, we want to support those that are seeking an education and also demonstrate an interest in health and fitness. We want to help put a dent in your expenses this school year and give you a shot at getting your work published on our site, which sees over 60,000 visits a month.

Essay Topic & Length

To participate in this scholarship program you will have to research and write an article between 500-1000 words on one of the following subjects:

“How can childhood obesity be prevented?

What is a ketogenic diet?

What three habits are the most important to follow to lead a healthy life?

Describe your ideal home gym, the equipment, design, location, etc.

You should be able to come up with your own unique thesis/spin to answering these questions. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box. If you rely on any outside sources, that’s fine, just please link to them and/or credit them within the essay.


Two separate scholarships of $500 will be awarded to the best submissions as decided by the entire Smart Monkey team.

We’ll also publish your post on our site and promote your work!

Scholarship Eligibility

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in Fall (of the current year) or Spring (of the following year).
  • Must be at least 18 years old (at the time of disbursement)

Application Instructions

  1. Essays must be submitted by November 30th, 2016 at 11pm PST
  2. Applications should be emailed to scholarships@smartmonkeyfitness.com
  3. You must use the email subject: {First_Name} Scholarship Entry
  4. Applications will only be accepted if sent from your .edu email address
  5. You must include your name, school, and essay in the email

For more information, please click here. 


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The Barone Defense Firm Win Back Your Life Scholarship

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Here at the Barone Defense Firm, many of our clients are hurting and at a low point in their lives. They feel as if they have been knocked down and they do not know if their lives will ever be the same.

Every day, we get a close-up look at their struggles and are often impressed with their inner strength and personal perseverance to carry on and face their futures with heads held high. While the easy thing would be to give in to despair, they refuse to do so. We strive to join with and support their efforts to put their lives back in order, and always do our best to help provide them the second chance they deserve.

That is why the partners at the firm, who have a long history of promoting education, decided that they wanted to provide a scholarship to a student who has persevered and grown by overcoming some form of adversity; someone who did not falter in the wake of personal difficulty.

In the spirit of giving deserving people additional opportunities, we are proud to announce the inaugural Barone Defense Firm Win Back Your Life Scholarship.

This scholarship will be awarded to the student who, in a personal essay, most vividly describes a time in their life in which they overcame seemingly insurmountable adversity; how it helped them become a better person and maybe even a better student. This scholarship will award $500 to the winning candidate.

Essays should be approximately 750 words, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and should avoid any grammatical errors. Additionally, applicants need to submit an updated resume and have a minimum 3.0 GPA from an accredited college or university.

Essays are to be sent to info@baronedefensefirm.com with the following subject line: Name of the Applicant — Name of the Scholarship.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • The Win Back Your Life scholarship is open to apply to for any student who is currently enrolled in an accredited community college, undergraduate, or graduate program in the United States. Students who are currently incoming first-year college students and have graduated high school or possesses a GED may also apply.
  • Any eligible candidates must be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

Application Requirements

  • Your updated resume, pertinent contact information, and status as a student.
  • A 750 word personal statement that provides a thoughtful description of a time in your life in which you overcame adversity in some form and grew from the experience, becoming a better person.
  • Your current transcript, unofficial, from your school (NOTE: for first-year college students, submit an unofficial transcript from your most recent school as well as one from your current post-secondary institution.)

Application Deadline and Instructions

In order to be eligible, scholarship applicants must submit their full application (personal statement, transcript, and resume) by email to help@baronedefensefirm.com. The official deadline for all application materials is May 31, 2017.


Subject Line: Name of the Applicant — Name of the Scholarship

Attachments: Personal Statement, Transcript, and Resume

For more information, please click here. 

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McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers $1,000 Scholarship

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The lawyers at McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers, understand the value of a higher education. The ever rising costs of tuition and other expenses associated with college and obtaining a higher degree can place a tremendous financial strain on both students and their families. For this reason, the McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers is pleased to offer an existing or incoming college student a $1,000 scholarship to meet their educational costs. The winner of the scholarship will be determined through an essay contest, the details of which are detailed below.

Scholarship essay contest topic and eligibility

McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers college scholarship is open to individuals who are planning to attend or currently enrolled in an accredited United States college or university. In order to participate, applicants must submit a 500-word essay answering the following question:

There is self-driving truck technology currently in production. Would this be a positive or a negative development in the trucking industry? Why or why not?

To apply, interested applicants should submit their response to the above question via email to mktruckscholarship@gmail.com by 5/10/17 9am PST. In the body of their email, applicants should also submit the following information:

  • Their name, address, phone number, and age
  • If under 18, contact information for their parent or guardian
  • The name of the institution they plan to attend in their upcoming semester
  • Their anticipated course of study.

Upon receipt, the attorneys at McEwen & Kestner – Minnesota Truck Accident Lawyers will review the submissions and choose a winner based upon the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the question
  • The quality of the writing
  • Originality
  • The applicant’s demonstrated potential in his or her chosen field of study

A winner will be chosen and notified via email on or around 5/22/17.

For more information, please click here. 

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Criminal Defense Scholarship

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Rosenthal & Wadas, Attorneys in McKinney, Texas, are pleased to offer the Rosenthal & Wadas Criminal Defense Scholarship. This scholarship is open to all students heading to or who are currently enrolled in Law School for the 2017 Spring Semester.

The Scholarship will be judged on merit and need. Academic achievements as well as any leadership experiences will be taken in to account. This will be a one-time award.


  • Completed application must be submitted online by DEC 31, 2016. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.
  • Applicant must plan to attend a United States Law School full time the spring semester of 2017.
  • Must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0.
  • A transcript must be attached for application for consideration.
  • Applicant must submit an un-opened copy of official transcripts if selected as a finalist.
  • This scholarship is a one-time award worth $1,000 to be awarded in Jan. 2017.
  • Although not required, applicants are encouraged to submit recommendation letters and/or resumes to substantiate their application.
  • Applicant will be required to demonstrate both their merit and their need for this scholarship.

How to Apply:
Via the application form online, you will be required to submit the following:

  • Your personal information, including name and contact information.
  • Link to your Facebook profile.
  • College name, graduation date, and GPA.
  • Employment and financial information.
  • A 750+ word essay on the following topic: “Is a specific aspect of the criminal justice system unjust and require reform?”
  • A digital copy of your school transcript (unofficial).
  • Recommendation letter and/or resume.

To apply, please click here. 

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Worgul Law Firm Scholarship

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The Pittsburgh DUI attorneys at the Worgul Law Firm are proud to be announcing an exciting scholarship opportunity in the amount of $10,000 to help a deserving student accomplish educational goals.


In order to be eligible for the Worgul Law Firm scholarship program, applicants must:

  • Be accepted to or currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate college, university, or graduate school across the United States.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Has demonstrated outstanding service to the community, high initiative to further their education, and a strong academic performance.


All applicants need to submit the following documents for consideration:

  • A high school, undergraduate, or graduate school transcript. An unofficial version is acceptable.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member.
  • An attached application form.
  • Essay – must be between 300-500 words on the following topic:

There have been many public service campaigns about the dangers of drinking and driving; however, people continue to make the unfortunate decision to drink and get behind the wheel. Write an essay about the reasons why people continue to drink and drive – and what initiatives could be executed to address those reasons.

Completed materials may be submitted by any of the following methods:

  • Apply Online or download the PDF
  • Email: scholarship@pittsburghcriminalattorney.com


Questions? Please direct all questions via email to scholarship@pittsburghcriminalattorney.com


  • The application and supporting material must be received by March 31, 2017.
  • Notification will be sent to the scholarship winner by email prior to April 30, 2017.


The scholarship must be applied to tuition costs or other related educational expenses. Upon determining a winner, a check will be made payable to the recipient’s educational institution directly. As the awarded recipient, you will be expected to submit necessary receipts in compliance with the IRS.

To apply, please click here. 

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Law School Scholarship

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Our goal is to empower the generation’s lawyers, by helping them get the education they need, and deserve.

Raiser & Kenniff, a Los Angeles criminal defense law firm, believes in helping lawyers get the education they rightfully deserve, and need. We believe each student should be in control of his destiny. That begins with a proper education. It means, people like us – accomplished attorneys, giving back to students and helping them get an education and being able to forge their own path. Getting a higher education is the only way to succeed in life. Our attorneys want to help students by contributing funds from our salaries into the creation of a brand new scholarship for college students.

The scholarship is available to student in Law School and Poliscience Majors.

It is for $4500 – and is renewable.

Awarded on 3/20/2017

No application fee

We will never contact the student after he, or she, applies.

It can be used for any law school expenses.

Below are the requirements:
-Be in an accredited college, in the USA
-Have a 3.3 GPA minimum
-Apply no later than 2/20/2017

-Awarded on 3/20/2017
-Send in an essay, with your contact info, and unofficial transcript to rgarner@losangelescriminallawyers.com

The Essay Should Be About
-Why getting a higher education is important to you?
-What challenges have you faced, when attempting to get this education, and how have you handled them?
-How have you grown as a student, due to this challenge?

Winners Notified

Winners will be notified directly, by email.

When Applying Please Include:

First + Last name

Email Address for best contact + phone number

Unofficial Transcript

Info about where you are attending + current major

For more information, please click here. 

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HelpTeaching.com Scholarship

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HelpTeaching.com, a platform focused on providing high-quality resources for teachers, tutors, homeschool parents, and others who work in the field of education, offers a new scholarship for students in high school and college.

Prizes Awarded: $1,000

Deadline: June 1st, 2017

Scholarship Rules and Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants may only submit one piece for consideration
  • Applicants may not be a family member of anyone employed by HelpTeaching.com
  • Applicants may not submit content that has been previously published online
  • Applicants may submit their own original work without getting help from anyone
  • Applicants must be current High School or College Students

Scholarship Guidelines

To apply for the scholarship, applicants should submit a short story or informational article for children (400-800 words) to scholarship@helpteaching.com along with their full name, age, and current school level info.

Stories and articles will be rated from 0-5 based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Value to Students
  • Quality of Content
  • Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

The applicants with the highest scores will move on to the final round of the scholarship competition where a winner will be chosen by a team from HelpTeaching.com.


HelpTeaching.com will not share the names or personal information of applicants with anyone other than employees of HelpTeaching.com and the school where the applicant chooses to send the scholarship. However, applicants grant HelpTeaching.com the right to use and edit their submissions for use on HelpTeaching.com. HelpTeaching.com will provide full attribution when using submissions. Winner will be contacted by June 15th, but HelpTeaching.com reserves the right to not award the scholarship if there is a lack of quality submissions. For any questions about this scholarship please email to scholarship@helpteaching.com

About HelpTeaching.com

HelpTeaching.com offers K-12 resources for educators – a library of online lessons, free worksheets, Test Maker, math worksheet generator,printable games generator (Bingo Cards, Word Search), and online testing platform.

For more information, please click here. 

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