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HostingStep Web Scholarship

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HostingStep founded back in 2001 offering web hosting solutions and guides to help business owners to find a reliable hosting solution for their online business.

HostingStep Web Scholarship provides an opportunity for students to share their insights on web technologies.

Program Overview

One student gets $1000 scholarship and a web hosting account for one year to support their academic projects.

We conduct scholarships every year.

To take part in our scholarship, you need to produce an essay for the following topic

” How Web Hosting plays a crucial role in online business “


  • Students currently enrolled in academic courses
  • Must be 18 years old
  • A minimum of 2.5 GPA

Students can send their originally written essays to our email scholarships@hostingstep.com with the following details

  • Name & Age:
  • Course & College:
  • Phone No. & Email address:


  • Last Date for submission: 10 December 2017
  • Winner announcement: 20 December 2017
  • Awards will be sent on 28 December 2017

Frequently asked questions

Hosingstep scholarships are meant to help the students and we won’t sell the data to third parties. Our scholarships are open to anyone for free of cost and students don’t need to pay any initial amount and we don’t ask for any credit card details.

Terms and Conditions:

1.The winner should be active in receiving our emails to send awards. Failed to do so, another student will be awarded.

2.Only one entry per students

3.Hostingstep reserves to use the content anyway for their purpose including branding and marketing.


For more information, please click here. 

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The Annual Budge & Heipt, PLLC $1,000 Scholarship

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The Personal Injury Lawyers at Budge & Heipt, PLLC recognize that education is the basis to a successful career, but may not be financially attainable for students and their families.  For this reason, Budge & Heipt, PLLC is pleased to introduce The Annual Budge & Heipt, PLLC $1,000 Scholarship.


To participate in the contest, applicants should write a 600-word essay answering the following question:

Reasonable force by law enforcement officers is required and permitted under specific circumstances. However, excessive force by a law enforcement officer is a violation of a person’s constitutional rights. What policy solutions could be implemented to decrease the amount of wrongful deaths and injuries caused by police officers using excessive force? 


  • Applicants must be planning to enroll in an accredited United States college or University in the Spring 2018 semester.


People who wish to participate should send their essay as an attachment (.doc or .docx) in an email to budgeheiptscholarship@gmail.com by December 31, 2017 9 AM PST. In the body of the email, applicants should include the following information:

  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • If you are under 18, contact information for your parents
  • The name of the school you are attending or planning on attending
  • Your current course of study
  • The best way to contact you

Once the application period has ended, our scholarship committee will review the essays and choose a winner by January 15, 2018. The winner will be chosen considering the following factors:

  • Originality
  • Responsiveness to the question asked
  • The quality of the writing
  • The substantive content of the response
  • Proper citations

For more information, please click here.

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Honoring Veterans for Their Service- Nominate a Vet for a Cash Grant!

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To recognize the sacrifices veterans have made for our country, the law firm of David Resnick & Associates is awarding cash grants to men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

“On Your Side, Fighting For You.”

That’s the motto at David Resnick & Associates. It also applies to veterans. While our firm fights for injured victims in the courtroom and at the negotiating table, veterans were on our country’s side, fighting to protect all of us. We believe it’s time to honor deserving vets.

David Resnick & Associates is holding an essay competition that will determine the winners of $4,000 in total cash awards. Check out the details below to find out more about the competition and how to enter.

Who can enter?

Anyone can nominate a deserving veteran for a cash grant, but the nominee must be a veteran of the U.S. military. Veterans may nominate themselves.

How do I submit my entry?

Nominations must be emailed to davidresnicklawfirm@gmail.com



The essay should be at least 600 words long. It must provide details about the veteran’s service (dates of service, branch of the military, highlights of the veteran’s service, etc.). The essay must also provide details about how the writer knows the veteran.


The firm will award a total of $4,000 in cash grants. The money will be split among 3 winners, who will receive $2500, $1000, or $500, respectively.

What’s the deadline for submissions?

Nominations must be received by no later than 11:59PM on July 1, 2017.

How will winners be chosen?

The essays and applications will be judged by a panel that includes representatives of veterans organizations and members of the firm.

When will winners be notified?

The firm will announce the winners of the competition on July 15, 2017.

For more information, please click here. 

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ZOTApro Environmental Protection Scholarship Program

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2017 Scholarship announcement

ZOTA Professional Training is pleased to announce its annual Environmental Protection Scholarship Program 2017 application! A scholarship in the amount of $1000 USD will be awarded on August 15, 2017.

Who can apply to the ZOTApro Environmental Protection Scholarship Program?

ZOTApro believes that all people play a role in protecting the environment. Therefore, this scholarship program is open to all students enrolled in post-secondary education. You are eligible to win the ZOTApro Environmental Protection Scholarship if you meet the following criteria.

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in, or accepted into, a post-secondary school in the United States. (This includes any educational institute beyond high school.)
  • Applicants must have at least one year remaining in their studies from the application deadline. (Graduation date of spring of 2018 at the earliest.)

Scholarship topic

ZOTA Professional Training offers this scholarship program to raise awareness about current environmental issues. This year’s scholarship focuses on the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule. The RRP Rule is a national rule that applies to construction and renovation activity in pre-1978 housing, schools and daycare facilities. The rule requires Lead Renovator Certification prior to contractors disturbing lead-based paint in these older properties. The RRP Rule was implemented to help protect communities, especially children, from the dangers of lead-based paint poisoning through dust control during these types of projects.

To apply for the scholarship, write an in-depth essay on the following topic:

How has the RRP Rule impacted your life and affected your community? Has the RRP Rule been successful? Please explain. If not, what improvements could be made to help achieve success?

Essay requirements

It is important to structure your essay so it is easy to read and understand.

  • All essays should be a minimum of 600 words.
  • All essays should be structured with an introduction, body and conclusion.
  • All essays should have proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Main ideas or thoughts should be broken into separate paragraphs within the essay.
  • Each paragraph should include a topic sentence at the beginning followed by supporting sentences.
  • Sentences should be structured so they are short, clear and direct.

How to apply

Submit your original personal essay with a minimum of 600 words following all essay requirements by the application deadline.

Submit essay to scholarship@zotapro.com.

Application deadline

To be eligible to win the $1000 USD 2017 ZOTApro Environmental Protection Scholarship, you must submit your application before the deadline of 10:00 pm (CST) on July 31, 2017. All applications must include the following information:

  • Your name, address and contact information
  • Your post-secondary school and contact information
  • Degree program and expected graduation year
  • Your original essay uploaded in Microsoft Word or PDF
  • A copy of your enrollment status

Scholarship winner selection and announcement

Applications will be judged on the originality and creativity of their essay. Essays must solely be the work of the applicant and plagiarized essays will not be considered. Late applications will not be considered.

The ZOTApro Environmental Protection Scholarship will announce the winner on this page on August 15, 2017. The winning applicant will also be contacted directly on this date as well. Good Luck!

For more information, please click here.

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The Continental Siding Supply Scholarship is a $1,000 annual award. To apply, please review eligibility and application instructions listed below.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Full-time, U.S. undergraduate student seeking a degree in Communications, Business, Marketing, or related fields.
  • Must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA and provide a copy of their school transcript.
  • Submit original essay prompt between 1,000 – 1,500 words. All submissions must be titled “Continental Siding Supply Scholarship,” and signed with the student’s full name and .edu email address.

To apply:

The student must answer the following essay prompt:
Since 1982, Continental Siding Supply has been providing homeowners in Kansas and Missouri with a plethora of siding solutions and home accents, while exemplifying what it means to exceed expectations of service & quality and to satisfy. Whether it is providing the highest standard in quality or building lasting relationships with clients, Continental Siding Supply strives to uphold the same core values the company was founded on 35 years ago. What core values do you believe are the most important foundation for a business to be successful, provide customer satisfaction, and supply an atmosphere for employees to flourish?


Mail your official transcript and essay to:
Attn: Alec Cook
13714 East 42nd Terrace South
Independence, MO 64055

Deadlines & Disbursement

  • Essay must be postmarked by August 1st, annually.
  • Disbursement awarded by September 1st, annually.

Terms and Conditions

  • The Continental Siding Supply Scholarship award will be submitted to the financial aid office that corresponds to the student’s primary .edu email address.
  • All submissions will be judged by Continental Siding Supply’s scholarship team based on creativity and writing ability.
  • The winner may be asked to provide personal identification information to confirm enrollment.
  • If the applicant does not meet the eligibility requirements at the time of disbursement, Continental Siding Supply will withhold the award.
  • Continental Siding Supply reserves the right to withhold disbursement in the event that no applicant meets the scholarship’s requirements for academic achievement and writing aptitude.
  • Employees and family members of Continental Siding Supply are not eligible to apply.

For more information, please click here. 

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TheSmartestBuyer Digital Marketing Scholarship

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TheSmartestBuyer has always provided the best, unbiased reviews about a broad range of products. We recognize the power of the written word and copy on and offline and want to help the brightest minds showcase their abilities in this area.

Leading on from this we’ve created the TheSmartestBuyer Digital Marketing Scholarship.

Our scholarship will provide undergraduate or postgraduate students with a passion for Internet marketing the chance to receive $500 in the form of a scholarship. This can be utilized on course materials, books and other resources.

In order to have a chance of winning our scholarship, students must showcase a website or published piece of online content they have worked on online, and also submit a piece of content between 500-1000 words on their interest in content marketing.

Those currently studying in the areas of Business, Marketing, Communications or IT may be extremely interested in our scholarship, and though studying in these areas is not a necessity, a passion for digital marketing content creation is a must. If this sounds like something you would be interested in then please contact us now with the relevant details.

Terms of Participation

You have a chance to win a scholarship for $500. The only thing we require is for you to think about digital marketing and it’s place and importance in the web in 2017. You will then create a piece of content between 500-1000-words on the subject. We want you to include some of the following ideas: A) Why you believe digital marketing is important? and B) How is this utilized on our website or articles?

The person who does the best will earn $500 that can be used to further their education. If you would like to know more, continue reading.


We are only allowing students that are currently enrolled in a college, university, high school or trade school.


Your content has to be creative while expressing your stance on the topic. It should be able to convince anyone that you are correct in your beliefs. You should create a presentation that is ingenious and innovative.

How We Judge Content

When we are reading the articles and the websites that are submitted, we will take note of several factors, including the value of the information offered, creativity and the amount of persuasiveness.

Application Submittal

Create a piece of content that is between 500-1000 words long and submit to us via a word .doc. Additionally, please add the URL to your website or piece of online content. When you have completed all of those steps, email us at scholarship@thesmartestbuyer.com and provide the link to the piece of content you’ve created and the Word doc.

You should also include the following:
– Your full name, telephone number and mailing address
– The name of the school you attend (If you have been accepted but haven’t started yet that counts)
– Proof that you are a student of the school you specified
– Your area of study

Once you send us your submission, you give us permission to use it for marketing and promotions if we wish.


The deadline is June 30th, 2017, and the winner will be selected on July 15th, 2017. If the prize is not claimed within a month of the selection date, another winner will be selected. We run our scholarship program yearly.

For more information, please click here. 

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The John Foy & Associates Strong Arm Leukemia Scholarship

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Here at John Foy & Associates, we are known as the “Strong Arm of Georgia”. We are a tough Atlanta Personal Injury law firm that will fight to the finish for our clients. But our associates know that not every battle is fought in the courtroom. Fighting a disease requires more than a legal “Strong Arm”-it requires a dedicated team of medical staff, loved ones and countless more. Fighting leukemia requires determination, drive and diligence in both the patient and the patient’s loved ones. Often, the battle is a solitary one, isolating the patient and family. Our firm associates recognize this. That’s why we are delighted to introduce the first-ever John Foy & Associates “Strong Arm” Leukemia Scholarship.

Our $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to one college student who has battled leukemia or whose life has been affected by it. “We are honored to be a part of this brave community,” said firm founder John M. Foy. “We started this scholarship to raise awareness of the issues that face leukemia patients and their family members.” Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and teens, and it’s one of the most diagnosed in adults.

A phenomenal amount of medical research has been successful in raising the survival rate in children from 10% in the 1970s to more than 80% today. If you or someone you love have been affected by this disease, you have already been in the fight of your life. Now you have a chance to attend college and move in a positive direction, by educating yourself to secure a brighter future. As attorneys, we appreciate the intrinsic value of a college, not just as a formal education but also as a way to advance your life. Let us help you help yourself. The John Foy & Associates “Strong Arm” Leukemia Scholarship is open to high-achieving college students who meet this criteria:

  1. You or a loved one have been affected by leukemia.
  2. You are enrolled in an accredited college or university as an undergraduate student, graduate student, or you are an incoming freshman at an accredited institution in the United States.

To apply, you must write a 500 to 1000 word essay on one of the three topics listed below and submit an official high school or college transcript. You may only apply online at this website. Our attorneys will determine a selection committee to choose the winner and the winner will be announced publicly through the media and featured on our website. It is our hope that our scholarship program will inspire young people who have been affected by this very common type of cancer to lead inspired lives.

Deadline for Applications: December 15, 2017

Application Essay Topics:

Write a 500 to 1,000 word essay on one of these three topic questions:

  1. How has living with your or your loved one’s leukemia affected your education?
  2. What adjustments have you made as student to accommodate your or a loved one’s leukemia?
  3. What one obstacle do people with leukemia face that you would like the general public to know about?

Include a paragraph statement on how this scholarship would benefit you. This paragraph will not count towards the word count of this essay.

Application requirements

  1. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university as an undergraduate or you are incoming freshman at an accredited institution in the United States.
  2. Applicants must submit an official high school or college transcript.

How to apply

To apply for the John Foy & Associates “Strong Arm” Leukemia Scholarship, please fill out the application form on this page.

To apply, please click here. 

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BigSun Scholarship…2017

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The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. In order to do our part we are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in.

How to Apply
Please send us a short essay (500 – 1,000 words) answering the following questions:

How did your participation in sports during your high school years influence you?
Has your participation influenced your career goals?
Has your participation influenced how you relate to your family?


June 19, 2017.

Who is eligible?

All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in. The student must be a high school senior or be attending a post secondary institute.

Please remember to include your name and the name of the school that you are attending.

How to submit

All essay submissions should be sent to:


 When is the winner notified?

  • The winner will be notified within 2 weeks and the name of the winner will be posted on this website at that time.

 When is the award received?

  • The award is mailed within 2 weeks of the deadline.

Amount of Scholarship

The individual award is $500

For more information, please click here. 

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Ronald D. Weiss $2,500 College Scholarship Contest

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The cost of obtaining a college education has grown rapidly over the past few decades, making it more and more difficult for many people to realize their educational goals. As an attorney, Ronald D. Weiss understands the value of higher education as well as the tremendous investment of time and money obtaining one can involve. In an effort to help a new generation meet their educational costs, Mr. Weiss is pleased to announce that he is offering incoming and existing college students an opportunity to win $2,500 college scholarship. Details on eligibility and the application process can be found below.


In order to be eligible to apply for the scholarship, applicants must fit the following criteria:

  • Be currently enrolled in a college or university or planning to enroll as a freshman for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Be in good academic standing with your current educational institution.
  • If under 18, have the permission of your parent or guardian to apply.

The Application Process

In order to apply, applicants must submit an essay to scholarships@ny-bankruptcy.com by April 21, 2018 on the following topic:

“Means Testing”- An effective way of determining eligibility for a bankruptcy filing

Submissions should be in Microsoft .Doc or .Docx format and should be between 500 and 1000 words.

The following factors will be considering in determining the winner:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the issues raised
  • Originality
  • Quality of writing
  • The applicant’s demonstrated potential for success in a field related to law

The winner of the 2018 scholarship contest shall be notified by email by May 12, 2018. All decisions are final and are subject to the discretion of Mr. Weiss.

For more information, please click here. 

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Ampronix is a renowned authorized master distributor of the medical industry’s top brands as well as a world class manufacturer of innovative technology. Since 1982, Ampronix has been dedicated to meeting the growing needs of the medical community with its extensive product knowledge, outstanding service, and state-of-the-art repair facility. Ampronix prides itself on its ability to offer tailored, one-stop solutions at a faster and more cost effective rate than other manufacturers.

College Scholarships are a great way to give back to the community and that is why we are offering our Ampronix College Scholarship Program. We will be awarding a total of $2,250 to 3 chosen applicants who demonstrate passion for their field of study and great desire to give back to their community.

1st place will receive a $1,000 scholarship

2nd place will receive a $750 scholarship

3rd place will receive a $500 scholarship 

We will be accepting applications until May 31st 2018 and are asking applicants to review our Eligibility Requirements, Criteria, and Submission Specifics outlined below.  Winning applicants will be notified and announced in June 2018; the award will be sent directly to the college or university in which the student is enrolled.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a resident of the United States
  • Must be enrolled full-time as an undergraduate at a university or college:
    • During the 2017 – 2018 academic year
    • Must include proof of enrollment with scholarship submission, an unofficial transcript is ideal and a screenshot of current class schedule is acceptable
  • Must be actively volunteering in your community:
    • Minimum of 20 hours of community service between May 2017 – May 2018
    • Must include proof of volunteer work with scholarship submission,a letter from the volunteering supervisor is ideal


Submit a short essay answering the questions below (500-800 word count) with a supplementary photo in the document:

  1. How has the subject in your photo inspired you?
  2. What inspired you to choose your specific field of study?
  3. How do you give back to your community through volunteerism?

Submission Specifics:

  • File must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format (.docx, .doc, .pdf)
    • Applicants using Pages or Google Docs, export the file as one of the accepted formats

(If we cannot access the essay, the submission will be invalid, you will not be notified)

    • File name format: lastname_firstname_ampronix_scholarship.docx
  • Send submission and any inquiries to scholarship@ampronix.com
  • Submission deadline is May 31st 2018

For more information, please click here.

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