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CSBR Stephanie Weiss and James Trelstad-Porter believe

Director of News and Marketing Services Stephanie Weiss and Director of International Student and Scholar Services James Trelstad-Porter offer thanks to the CSBR’s $10 million anonymous donor and discuss the significance of Augsburg’s mission and the momentum created for the CSBR through generosity. Philanthropy creates excitement and enthusiasm for the CSBR and inspires others to participate and support the campaign.  The CSBR will further Augsburg’s vision to prepare global citizens who genuinely understand diverse cultures.

CSBR David Murr ’92, Amy Gort, Leif Anderson, and Lori Peterson believe in the strength of Augsburg’s student experience.

Associate Professor of Physics David Murr ’92, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Arts and Sciences Amy Gort, Vice President and Chief Information Officer Leif Anderson, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate and Professional Studies Lori Peterson believe student experience is at the heart of Augsburg’s mission.  The CSBR will allow Augsburg to live into its dreams and take student experience to the next level.

CSBR Mary Laurel True and Wayne Jorgenson ’71 believe Augsburg helps students develop a spirit of generosity

Director of Service Learning and Community Engagement Mary Laurel True and Board of Regents member Wayne Jorgenson ’71 believe Augsburg fosters a spirit of service by encouraging students to engage and serve in the local community.  Likewise, Augsburg alumni recognize the generosity that made their educational experience possible and give back in order to allow future students to experience the same quality education at Augsburg.

CSBR Paul Terrio ’87 and Maureen Reed believe the CSBR will strengthen Augsburg’s liberal arts education.

Senior Director of Student Financial Services Paul Terrio ’87 and Executive Director of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Maureen Reed discuss the call to enhance the breadth of the academic experience necessary for today’s students to excel after college. As a part of their liberal arts education, Augsburg students take classes in all content areas, positioning them for professional and personal success.

CSBR Gary Hesser and Phil Adamo believe in the interdisciplinary model of learning.

Professor and Martin Sabo Chair for Citizenship and Learning Gary Hesser and Professor and Chair of the History Department and Director of Medieval Studies Phillip Adamo believe in the interdisciplinary model of learning. Interdisciplinary learning is a centuries-old practice which has yielded countless accomplishments and advances.  For decades, Augsburg has been integrating subject areas like science, business, and religion as a means to carry out its mission to prepare global citizens.

CSBR Suzanne Doree and Dale Pederson ’70 believe the CSBR will create synergy across campus

Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Science Division Suzanne Doree and Chair of the Biology Department Dale Pederson ’70 believe the CSBR will offer countless opportunities for faculty and students from all disciplines — not limited to science, business, and religion — to collaborate, create and prepare for future endeavors.


CSBR Chris Ascher ’81 and Wendi Wheeler ’06 believe in the power of alumni giving

Alumni Board member Chris Ascher ’81 and Alumni of Weekend College and Augsburg staff member Wendi Wheeler ’06 discuss why alumni should join them in supporting the CSBR and give back to Augsburg.  Alumni are grateful for the influential relationships with Augsburg faculty and want to ensure that future students have similar relationships, all within an interdisciplinary educational environment in the CSBR.