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Class of ’52 Couple Give $250,000 to Sponsor Electronic Modern Physics Laboratory in CSBR

“It felt like cutting off my right arm,” Harvey Peterson ’52 says about selling CATCO, the company that had been in his family for three generations. He joined his father Art’s fledgling company, Clutch and Transmission Services, in 1951 while still an Augsburg student.

By the time the family sold the renamed company in 2012, all three of his children worked in the business. The firm, selling and servicing heavy duty parts for trucks, had grown to 18 locations spread over a five-state area.

Suddenly Harvey and his spouse Joanne ’52 faced a stewardship decision. What to do with the resources God had placed in their care?

Investing in vitality, making an impact

They chose to give $250,000 to Augsburg College to sponsor the Electronic Modern Physics Laboratory in the Center for Science, Business, and Religion.

Interestingly, they do not have a personal tie to physics. Harvey, a star athlete in high school and college, double majored in business and sociology. Joanne majored in sociology with minors in English and business. Her favorite activity on campus was singing in the Augsburg Choir.

So why sponsor a physics lab?

“We want to be part of the forward momentum at Augsburg”

“The Center for Science, Business, and Religion demonstrates how Augsburg is preparing for the future with energy and vitality, and we know that the CSBR is the next step to helping the school advance,” Joanne explains. “We want to be a part of that forward momentum.”

Harvey adds: “We have been giving to Augsburg for many years, and we had an opportunity after selling our business to increase our support. This gift is about our Christian faith and about relationships. We wanted to give something back to the place that means so much to us.”

“We want to support Augsburg College because we are thrilled that young people, especially those who have very little money, can gain access to a college education,” Joanne says. “And we appreciate the college’s urban location.”

Choosing connection over differences

They have deep ties to the College beyond their own student years, when each lived with their families while commuting to campus for classes and activities. Their daughter Lia ’89 graduated from Weekend College, and Harvey served on Augsburg’s Board of Regents from 1984-1996. He was elected to the Augsburg Athletic Hall of Fame in 1983 for his contributions as a quarterback for the football team and shortstop and third baseman for the baseball team.

Harvey says he and Joanne are more conservative than many people on campus today. That potentially could have gotten in the way of their support for Augsburg. He reflects: “Our faith teaches us to give. And now when we reach the point in our lives where we can give a more sizeable gift, we think carefully about where to put our dollars. We ask ourselves, ‘What do we love?’ And we realize how much we love Augsburg. This college has meant so much to us over the years. We feel it is a good place for us to put the money.”

Paid-up life insurance policy made a wonderful gift

They are surrendering a life insurance policy to Augsburg College, which had gained more value than they realized. Augsburg will sell the policy for the cash value to make the dollars available immediately for the CSBR. Giving this investment provided tax advantages, and the couple added a gift of cash to expand their gift. “We set up the policy years ago,” Harvey says, “but we had ignored the notices on value. Suddenly this seemed like a wonderful choice for a charitable gift.”

They live in Edina, Minn., and are members of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.

2013: A Year of Firsts & Milestones

Did you know that the Center for Science, Business, and Religion is the largest building project in Augsburg’s history? Once we open its doors, it will become the new campus crossroads. So many Augsburg alumni and friends are turning our attention to bringing this special project to fruition. This Class Challenge newsletter is one way we keep you in the know about our progress on it.

With that in mind, 2013 marked the first year we made a concerted effort to seek the financial support of our entire alumni community! The Class Challenge goal we have set—for each Augsburg class to contribute a total of $1 million, collectively, toward this effort—has generated great momentum which we carry forward into this new year. In fact, this month another class exceeded its $1 Million goal.

2013–some great numbers!

  • A 53% increase in the numbers of alumni donors (now at 498, up from 324);
  • Gifts and pledges of over $13.4 million, bringing alumni gifts up to $21.1 million;
  • We have now raised $26.1 million, making quick progress towards our next goal of $34 million by the end of April 2014!

I want to extend a warm thank you to all of you who have helped to make this possible.

New Class Challenge Targets

For 2014 we set a goal for 40 or more people from each graduating class to become financial supporters of the campaign. Currently, every alumni class year from 1942 to 2015 has at least one classmate who has made a gift or pledge to the CSBR. The highest class participation award (so far) goes to 1972 with 27 donors! Which class wants to exceed their goal?

Each additional classmate who joins with their support for this wonderful project will find the satisfaction of adding their generosity to the cause! The goal is ambitious and we truly need a lot of you to say, “Yes, I believe and I will help.” The size of all contributions will vary, as they should, based on each person’s situation and ability to give. Please know that, for each gift, we are truly grateful.

What’s next?

Our next goal is $34 million by the end of April 2014. At that time, the Board of Regents will assess various funding options and decide whether or not to put the shovel in the ground and start the project.  This is not a foregone conclusion and your participation will make a difference. We still have much money to raise and we need your financial investment now.

Join us for our upcoming Summit

To help alumni and friends learn more about the CSBR, the Regents invite you to join us for an educational Summit on campus. Scheduled for January 30, activities begin at 4:00 p.m., with a tour of the Science building and an opportunity to meet with current students, followed by dinner at Hoversten Chapel.

For me, the highlight of the evening is a panel discussion during which the faculty share their views about the importance of the CSBR and what it will do for Augsburg’s students. Since it’s not possible for all classmates to attend these summits, we are hosting evening get-togethers in alumni homes. If you are invited to one, please try to attend. A side benefit is a fun evening with classmates and fellow alumni.

For more information and to RSVP, email or call 612-330-1171.

Giving our gifts brings joy

We look forward to many more alumni joining at all levels of giving based on what’s right for them. As I said earlier, we welcome and appreciate all gifts.  Augsburg is our college and this is our building. With each new gift we all see the enthusiasm continue to grow.

So here’s to a great 2014! Thanks to all of you who joined us last year and welcome to those who want to join the family as we joyously take this journey together. We’ll talk again soon and I will continue to pass along more updates.

Best regards,

Wayne Jorgenson ’71
Class Challenge Chair

Nodland Family Sponsors CSBR Classroom

To meet and know Jeff Nodland ’77 and Becky Bjella Nodland ’79 is to experience enthusiasm and positive energy along with a passion for Augsburg. Both currently volunteer for the College—Jeff, CEO of KIK Custom Products, also serves as a member of the Board of Regents and Becky as an active alum who appreciates the work of the Music Department. They are even more engaged now because their daughter, Emily, transferred to Augsburg this fall and is a sophomore studying early childhood and elementary education.

Now, through a pledge toward the Campaign for the Center for Science, Business, and Religion, the Nodlands are committed to offering their generous financial support, with a goal of strengthening Augsburg’s academic programs. Jeff describes his career as a business leader as being “all about science,” which makes this gift especially meaningful.

Youth Group Weekend Leads to Love and Marriage

In the late 1970s, when many college students were taking to the streets in protest, Augsburg students (including Jeff and Becky) spent some college weekends traveling in station wagons to area churches. They spent their time singing songs, sharing their passion for faith and dedicating themselves to service to others and the church. Jeff and Becky met on one of these weekends and formed a partnership that has lasted for over 30 years. To this day, their eagerness and enthusiasm for Augsburg shine through. “It was life altering to attend Augsburg,” said Becky.

Giving Where It Is Needed Most

When asked what led them to make their leadership investment in the CSBR, Jeff replied, “If this is what is needed, we want to meet the need. We want to offer our resources where the College needs it most.”

Becky said, “We both had positive, encouraging, and supportive experiences at Augsburg. The music, and the academic and spiritual life at Augsburg made a huge difference in our lives and we are so grateful.”

Thankfulness opens us to Giving

A message from Wayne Jorgenson ’71

For many of us, this wintery season offers a time to assess, reflect and renew. We all have much to be thankful for and we can count our many blessings. As 2013 comes to a close, I am especially thankful for the remarkable increase in giving by the Augsburg alumni and friends of Augsburg who support the College. Giving is our higher purpose as it brings meaning to our lives and this is the season of giving.

Personally, I am thankful that I agreed to join with my colleague Chris Ascher ’81 in leading the Alumni Class Challenge effort for Augsburg’s campaign for the Center for Science, Business, and Religion (CSBR). We knew we had a great opportunity before us. We both decided we wanted to actively engage the many wonderful people who count Augsburg as a priority in their lives so we can help shape its bright future.

What we have discovered is that Auggies are generous, committed to fostering a strong College, and eager to participate.

Volunteers emerging from every corner to build the CSBR

You likely have heard about our Alumni Class Challenge goal to secure at least $1 million in campaign gifts from 50 of Augsburg’s graduating classes. The terrific results to date are shown in the table below. As the momentum builds for this essential and visionary project, we have been joined by over 170 classmates from classes across the board, each of whom has made an individual campaign commitment, and who will encourage their classmates to join them in contributing to the campaign.

Profit applied for Good
Appreciated securities may be a better way to give

This past year the stock market has soared to new highs. For many of us, our investments have grown. One very effective way to make a gift to the CSBR is through your appreciated securities. While the investment may have originally cost much less, Augsburg can receive full value of the stock while you as the donor receive the full value as a tax deduction. The cash that you effectively receive back via a tax deduction could be seen as lowering the overall cost of your gift even further. I suggest that you talk with your financial advisor about what benefits you might receive by gifting appreciated securities to Augsburg for the benefit of the CSBR.

Acting out of Thankfulness

As Auggies, we have a lot to celebrate and a lot for which to be thankful. This is the time of year when many do their philanthropic giving. Please consider a substantial donation to Augsburg’s Center for Science, Business, and Religion. No one can deny that this is a much-needed building. Giving is one essential element in the spirit of this season. Please keep the CSBR in your thoughts and prayers.  By all of us giving according to ability via both talents and dollars we will see this building become a reality soon.


Wayne Jorgenson ’71

170 Alumni Join the Challenge as Class Leaders

As the momentum builds for this essential and visionary project, we have been joined by over 170 classmates from classes across the board, each of whom has made an individual campaign commitment, and who will encourage their classmates to join them in contributing to the campaign. If you are interested in becoming a Class Challenge Leader, please contact Kim Stone at 612-330-1173 or

Class Challenge Leaders


Oliver Dahl 1945, Genevieve (Larson) Hendrickson 1945, L. Beth (Buesing) Opgrand 1945, Norman Bakken 1947, Jeroy Carlson 1948, Dora (Frojen) Quanbeck 1949


George Lanes 1950, Philip Quanbeck 1950, William Halverson 1951, Leroy Nyhus 1952, Harvey Peterson 1952, Joanne (Varner) Peterson 1952, Arvin Halvorson 1955, I. Shelby (Gimse) Andress 1956, Grace (Forss) Herr 1957, Harris Lee 1957, Gerald Mindrum 1957, Joanne (Stiles) Laird 1958, Grace (Kemmer) Sulerud 1958, Paul Almquist 1959, Martin Sabo 1959, Inez (Olson) Schwarzkopf 1959


Dale Hanka 1960, Marilyn (Saure) Breckenridge 1961, Leola (Dyrud) Furman 1961, Dean Larson 1962, Barbara (Beglinger) Larson 1963, LaVonne (Olson) Batalden 1963, Paul Batalden 1963, Jerelyn (Hovland) Cobb 1963, Marilyn (Peterson) Haus 1963, Mary Jo (Cherne) Holmstrand 1963, Robert Tufford 1963, Joyce (Leifgren) Young 1964, Daniel Anderson 1965, Mark Gjerde 1965, Paul Fieldhammer 1965, Pris (Strecker) Fieldhammer 1965, Marilee (Alne) Schroeder 1965, Larry Cole 1966, Dennis Rykken 1966, John Schwartz 1967, John Selstad 1967, David Boe 1968, Janet (Lunas) Gjerde 1968, Jonathan DeVries 1968, Lyle Malotky 1968, Susanne (Starn) Malotky 1968, Ronald Nelson 1968, Earl Sethre 1968, Jo Anne Sylvester 1968, Joan Volz 1968, Sandra (Larson) Olmsted 1969, Lawrence Turner 1969


Peter Agre 1970, LaRhae (Grindal) Knatterud 1970, Dale Pederson 1970, Richard Seime 1970, Lisbeth (Jorgensen) Sethre 1970, Michael Good 1971, Corky Hall 1971, Douglas Johnson 1971, Wayne Jorgenson 1971, Steven Larson 1971, Dean Malotky 1971, Robert Martin 1971, Bruce Nelson 1971, David Owen 1971, Kay (Hendrickson) Owen 1971, Michael Scott 1971, Ronald Weitbrecht 1971, James Agre 1972, George Dahlman 1972, Richard Ekstrand 1972, Peter Gale 1972, Thomas Howe 1972, Nancy (Olson) Hrdlicka 1972, Cheryl (Rogalla) Malotky 1972, Patrick Marcy 1972, Cheryl (Lindroos) Martin 1972, Deborah (Anderson) Miller 1972, Margie (Stoebner) Neugebauer 1972, Jonathan Nye 1972, Diane (Krueger) Weitbrecht 1972, Ray Yip 1972, Andre Lewis 1973, Karen (Dahlke) Rodda 1973, Linda (Lundeen) Dunn 1974, Cynthia (Behmer) Gale 1974, Ruth Johnson 1974, LaJune Thomas Lange 1975, H. Theodore Grindal 1976, Susan (Forsmark) Long 1976, Marilyn (Pearson) Florian 1976, Timothy Peterson 1976, Kathryn (Anderson) Wahl 1976, Norman Wahl 1976, Robert Anderson 1977, Mary (Quanbeck) Barber 1977, Inez (Schey) Bergquist 1977, Jeffrey Nodland 1977, Roselyn Nordaune 1977, Beverly (Ranum) Meyer 1978, Dennis Meyer 1978, Kristine (Peterson) Pearson 1978, Donadee (Melby) Peterson 1978, Sally (Hough) Daniels Herron 1979, Mark Moksnes 1979, Pamela (Hanson) Moksnes 1979, Jay Phinney 1979, Jeff Swenson 1979


Robert LaFleur 1980, Lisa Novotny 1980, Gary Tangwall 1980, Christopher Ascher 1981, Pamela (Herzan) Crowell 1981, Karen (Miller) Durant 1981, David Soli 1981, Robert Wick 1981, Lisa Zeller 1981, Paul Amos 1982, Kari (Eklund) Logan 1982, Daniel Schueller 1983, Michael Schwartz 1983, Luverne Seifert 1983, Paul Mueller 1984, Nancy (Mackey) Mueller 1985, Anthony Genia 1985, Lisa Svac Hawks 1985, Sharon (McGaughey) Engelland 1987, Paul Terrio 1987, Tracey (Morris) Terrio 1987, Darcey Engen 1988, Chris Hallin 1988, Cheryl (Solomonson) Crockett 1989, Drew Privette 1989


Julie Edstrom 1990, Alexander Gonzalez 1990, Carolyn (Young) Schueller 1990, Clayton McNeff 1991, Denise (Sideen) McNeff 1994, Heidi (Wisner) Staloch 1993, Karin (Ludwigsen) Rochester 1995, Tracy (Anderson) Severson 1995, Thomas Piper LaBelle 1996, Amy Bowar 1997, Rachel (Olson) Engebretson 1998, Deborah Hutterer 1999


Ross Murray 2000, MBA 2009, Sarah Grans 2001, Nicholas Slack 2002, Thomas Bramwell 2003, Holly (Ebnet) Knutson 2003, MBA 2007, Michael Loney 2003, Chad Darr 2004, Melissa Lee 2004, Judy (Niemi) Johnson 2005, Mark Matzek 2005, Kathy (Soderbeck) Fagen 2006, David Nash 2006, Richard Garnett 2007, MBA 2009, Jen (Janda) Nagorski 2008, Sharon (Earll) Wade 2008, Joshua Hersch 2009, Jenna Mead 2009, Jill Watson MBA 2010, Helen Truax MBA 2012, Katie (Wirtz) Berggren MBA 2013, Nic Parsons 2014

837 Donors Help Augsburg Achieve Goal!

Hello Augsburg friends!

What a great time it is to be an Auggie! Each month we share great news with alumni, parents and friends of the college in this Class Challenge newsletter and this month we have so much news to share!

As a businessman and athlete, I believe in visualizing a goal and going for it. Well, that is what the team of volunteers, faculty and staff of Augsburg did. Last spring we started imagining Augsburg at the top of the leader board for the statewide day dedicated to giving to charities in Minnesota. Known as Give to the Max day or Give MN, Augsburg wanted to demonstrate that Auggies are among the most generous when it comes to supporting the great students, and faculty and staff of the College.

 Check out the Leaderboard

The results are in and they are fantastic!

Augsburg raised $313,639 from 837 unique donors! GO AUGGIES!

We received more than ten times the dollars, from nearly four times the donors, as compared with  last year’s results of $26,776 from 222 donors.

We reached our goal of coming in first place among all Minnesota colleges and universities, and finished in fourth place among all Minnesota nonprofit organizations. Check out the leaderboards and final numbers at

Your support of 27 projects and programs representing many areas of the Augsburg community, from Film to StepUP to Volleyball and more, was incredible. If you were tracking the friendly competition between ourselves and last year’s titleholder, St. Olaf, you’ll notice we finished more than $137,000 ahead of their 2nd place finish. In addition, the day generated another $100,000 in support of the campaign for the Center for Science, Business, and Religion (CSBR) which has been the focus of our class challenge efforts. More about that in a moment.

One especially fun part of this very special day of generosity was watching the shouts of encouragement on social media sites, such as, “So awesome! Very proud and happy to share this news about Give to the Max and the response to Augsburg’s appeal!” And, “So proud of my school!” Thank you to all who donated to our alma mater! And thank you to all staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.”

Saying thanks!

It was the goal of the  staff and volunteers to thank each donor for their gift. Following up on the responses to these thank you’s surfaced many core expressions of what it means to be an Auggie. “Such a genuine place, such genuine people!” “Thanks for letting me know my gift makes a real difference!”

That’s the kind of team effort by staff, student workers and others that makes our College such a real and welcoming place. So thank you to everyone who made Give to the Max Day a remarkable achievement for Augsburg!

Classes Challenged to Support the CSBR

In early October, the Board of Regents hosted a summit to inform alumni and friends about the crucial importance of building this CSBR. A mere 30 days since that exciting event, alumni and friends have made new gifts and pledges to the campaign exceeding $600,000, enough to put the campaign over $25 million! We are grateful and inspired by the generosity and support coming from all parts of the Augsburg community. Please read this full press release about the campaign’s important milestone, what comes next and how you can join us.

Don’t feel left out!

With December just around the corner, we all still have opportunities to turn our attention toward the effort to raise $1 million from every class. Check out the statistics for all the classes here.

Please join everyone who is doing their part to create a culture of generosity and giving at Augsburg and read more of the stories of people who, like you, love the College and want to carry forward its relevance, mission and future strength.


Chris Ascher ’81

Challenging us to put a shovel in it

A message from Wayne Jorgenson ’71, one of the newest members of the Augsburg College Board of Regents.

A few nights ago more than 140 guests, invited by the Board of Regents, gathered on the Augsburg campus to hear from CSBR National Campaign Chair Mike Good ’71, President Paul C. Pribbenow and an outstanding group of faculty leaders led by Dr. Dale Pederson ’70. Each spoke to us about why Augsburg must build–and will, indeed, soon raise the funds needed to put a shovel in the ground and begin work on–the Center for Science, Business and Religion. They left me with no questions about the decision my wife Carol (Pederson) ’72 and I made to make a major gift in support of the College’s vital efforts.

For another of my friends, a similar gathering a few months earlier generated enthusiasm in him–enough to inspire his awareness that this new building is more than needed, and that the faculty and students who will conduct their teaching and learning there are very deserving of our investment. However, even in his excitement, as he told me he hoped for success of the CSBR and wished us luck, he added that he and his wife would not be able to make a gift because they were giving to their church’s building campaign.

I understood his statement because many of us are already involved in charitable giving to worthy causes. His comments got me thinking about what it means to share and own a vision. It made me ask, “To what extent do we each understand how essential it is for each of us who values our Augsburg education to play a part in the success of this vision?”

How a hill became a mountain

It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, The Englishman Who Went up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain. The film is set in 1917 (with World War I in the background), and revolves around two English cartographers, the pompous Garrad and his junior, Anson. They arrive at the fictional Welsh village of Ffynnon Garw (“Rough Fountain” or “Rough Spring” in Welsh) to measure its “mountain”– only to cause outrage when they conclude that it is only a hill because it is slightly short of the required 1000 feet in height.

The villagers, aided and abetted by the wily Morgan the Goat and the Reverend Mr. Jones (who after initially opposing the scheme, grasps its symbolism in restoring the community’s war-damaged self-esteem), conspire with Morgan to delay the cartographers’ departure while they add dirt on top of the hill to make it high enough to be considered a mountain.

What it means to own a goal

Much of the story involves our witnessing every member of the village contributing their own bucket of dirt which they add to the mountain top. Some, who are fortunate enough to own a cart, can carry a larger load up the hill. Others carry smaller amounts of dirt in buckets of various sizes. In the end we see that it is by everyone’s adding something, whether it is in small or large amounts, that they are able to pile enough dirt on the top of their hill to restore their village pride, and the right to have it called a mountain.

What I know from my own exploration into my decision to add my “bucket of dirt” to the campaign for the CSBR, is that “wishing us well” will not make the mountain whole. Rather, it will take each one of us finding our own right way to contribute and to stretch ourselves to reach the top together.

What is the goal we each can own?

I like Mike Good’s request that we all prayerfully consider how we can be involved and at what level we can financially help out. Then, as we all cumulatively ask ourselves this question and then respond positively, we will see this building arise.

Some will be able to give with modest participation. Some will be able to add solid building blocks of support. The important point is that, together, we will reach the top and we will be very proud of our contribution to what will be a beautiful and much used addition on our campus. When it’s done we will look on it with pride and be able to say, “I helped build it.”

Please join me by adding your financial support to this marvelous effort. If you want, I can stop by with a bucket and we can journey up the hill together!

With warm thanks,

Wayne Jorgenson ’71