2013: A Year of Firsts & Milestones

Did you know that the Center for Science, Business, and Religion is the largest building project in Augsburg’s history? Once we open its doors, it will become the new campus crossroads. So many Augsburg alumni and friends are turning our attention to bringing this special project to fruition. This Class Challenge newsletter is one way we keep you in the know about our progress on it.

With that in mind, 2013 marked the first year we made a concerted effort to seek the financial support of our entire alumni community! The Class Challenge goal we have set—for each Augsburg class to contribute a total of $1 million, collectively, toward this effort—has generated great momentum which we carry forward into this new year. In fact, this month another class exceeded its $1 Million goal.

2013–some great numbers!

  • A 53% increase in the numbers of alumni donors (now at 498, up from 324);
  • Gifts and pledges of over $13.4 million, bringing alumni gifts up to $21.1 million;
  • We have now raised $26.1 million, making quick progress towards our next goal of $34 million by the end of April 2014!

I want to extend a warm thank you to all of you who have helped to make this possible.

New Class Challenge Targets

For 2014 we set a goal for 40 or more people from each graduating class to become financial supporters of the campaign. Currently, every alumni class year from 1942 to 2015 has at least one classmate who has made a gift or pledge to the CSBR. The highest class participation award (so far) goes to 1972 with 27 donors! Which class wants to exceed their goal?

Each additional classmate who joins with their support for this wonderful project will find the satisfaction of adding their generosity to the cause! The goal is ambitious and we truly need a lot of you to say, “Yes, I believe and I will help.” The size of all contributions will vary, as they should, based on each person’s situation and ability to give. Please know that, for each gift, we are truly grateful.

What’s next?

Our next goal is $34 million by the end of April 2014. At that time, the Board of Regents will assess various funding options and decide whether or not to put the shovel in the ground and start the project.  This is not a foregone conclusion and your participation will make a difference. We still have much money to raise and we need your financial investment now.

Join us for our upcoming Summit

To help alumni and friends learn more about the CSBR, the Regents invite you to join us for an educational Summit on campus. Scheduled for January 30, activities begin at 4:00 p.m., with a tour of the Science building and an opportunity to meet with current students, followed by dinner at Hoversten Chapel.

For me, the highlight of the evening is a panel discussion during which the faculty share their views about the importance of the CSBR and what it will do for Augsburg’s students. Since it’s not possible for all classmates to attend these summits, we are hosting evening get-togethers in alumni homes. If you are invited to one, please try to attend. A side benefit is a fun evening with classmates and fellow alumni.

For more information and to RSVP, email casperso@augsburg.edu or call 612-330-1171.

Giving our gifts brings joy

We look forward to many more alumni joining at all levels of giving based on what’s right for them. As I said earlier, we welcome and appreciate all gifts.  Augsburg is our college and this is our building. With each new gift we all see the enthusiasm continue to grow.

So here’s to a great 2014! Thanks to all of you who joined us last year and welcome to those who want to join the family as we joyously take this journey together. We’ll talk again soon and I will continue to pass along more updates.

Best regards,

Wayne Jorgenson ’71
Class Challenge Chair