837 Donors Help Augsburg Achieve Goal!

Hello Augsburg friends!

What a great time it is to be an Auggie! Each month we share great news with alumni, parents and friends of the college in this Class Challenge newsletter and this month we have so much news to share!

As a businessman and athlete, I believe in visualizing a goal and going for it. Well, that is what the team of volunteers, faculty and staff of Augsburg did. Last spring we started imagining Augsburg at the top of the leader board for the statewide day dedicated to giving to charities in Minnesota. Known as Give to the Max day or Give MN, Augsburg wanted to demonstrate that Auggies are among the most generous when it comes to supporting the great students, and faculty and staff of the College.

 Check out the Leaderboard

The results are in and they are fantastic!

Augsburg raised $313,639 from 837 unique donors! GO AUGGIES!

We received more than ten times the dollars, from nearly four times the donors, as compared with  last year’s results of $26,776 from 222 donors.

We reached our goal of coming in first place among all Minnesota colleges and universities, and finished in fourth place among all Minnesota nonprofit organizations. Check out the leaderboards and final numbers at givemn.org.

Your support of 27 projects and programs representing many areas of the Augsburg community, from Film to StepUP to Volleyball and more, was incredible. If you were tracking the friendly competition between ourselves and last year’s titleholder, St. Olaf, you’ll notice we finished more than $137,000 ahead of their 2nd place finish. In addition, the day generated another $100,000 in support of the campaign for the Center for Science, Business, and Religion (CSBR) which has been the focus of our class challenge efforts. More about that in a moment.

One especially fun part of this very special day of generosity was watching the shouts of encouragement on social media sites, such as, “So awesome! Very proud and happy to share this news about Give to the Max and the response to Augsburg’s appeal!” And, “So proud of my school!” Thank you to all who donated to our alma mater! And thank you to all staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.”

Saying thanks!

It was the goal of the  staff and volunteers to thank each donor for their gift. Following up on the responses to these thank you’s surfaced many core expressions of what it means to be an Auggie. “Such a genuine place, such genuine people!” “Thanks for letting me know my gift makes a real difference!”

That’s the kind of team effort by staff, student workers and others that makes our College such a real and welcoming place. So thank you to everyone who made Give to the Max Day a remarkable achievement for Augsburg!

Classes Challenged to Support the CSBR

In early October, the Board of Regents hosted a summit to inform alumni and friends about the crucial importance of building this CSBR. A mere 30 days since that exciting event, alumni and friends have made new gifts and pledges to the campaign exceeding $600,000, enough to put the campaign over $25 million! We are grateful and inspired by the generosity and support coming from all parts of the Augsburg community. Please read this full press release about the campaign’s important milestone, what comes next and how you can join us.

Don’t feel left out!

With December just around the corner, we all still have opportunities to turn our attention toward the effort to raise $1 million from every class. Check out the statistics for all the classes here.

Please join everyone who is doing their part to create a culture of generosity and giving at Augsburg and read more of the stories of people who, like you, love the College and want to carry forward its relevance, mission and future strength.


Chris Ascher ’81