Week number four?!?

Wow. I cannot believe that we are already over half way done with our time here. Time here has went very fast, yet at the same IĀ feel like I have been away from home for so long. This week Natalya, Osiris, and I went to Los Almendros on Tuesday morning, a school in el campo. There we taught English for two hours. It went pretty well considering there was a soccer game going on right outside the classroom. Riding the bus was a fun experience. On Wednesday I had three new students for my English class. I really liked them, and I hope they come back next week. On Friday I went to San Antonio with Michelle’s daughter who is in high school. We made sock puppets. The kids loved it, they were so adorable. They put on a show with their puppets after they made them. All the boys talked in really high voices. And they sang songs. It was so cute. Also, Michelle’s daughter doesn’t speak any Spanish, so I got to practice my Spanish. It was a great confidence booster.

This weekend we went to the ocean and the San Salvador volcano with Madardo. It was a very fun and relaxing mini vacation. Being at the ocean is always such a wonderful experience for me. Just sitting and listening to the waves and watching the people surfing. Being next to the ocean always calms me down and often leads me to reflect on my life.

This last week I applied and got accepted into the Minnesota Reading Corps program. I am very excited about this, because if I get a position at a host site I will get to work with kindergarteners! I am hoping to get a position at the elementary school where my niece and nephew will be attending next year. If I do get that position I will be moving home with my mom, which I am actually really excited about. This was not something I was expecting to want to do once I graduated college. But it just feels like the right thing right now.

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